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I've really been working on the art in my flashes and the results.........

Episode 2 voice acting update:

2009-05-25 22:41:31 by CheezLog

UPDATE: June 5, 2009:

I tried doing some half-assed voice acting clips for Fred, maybe ill keep them, dunno.
Anyways, I'm still short 2 voice actors. Its gonna be hard to find people now that school's over. Now I should probably get workin on Puffshnoz 1. Haven't done any more animation because of exams but now that they're over I need to get down to business. Peace.

May 25, 2009:
Firstly, because the person playing Tim is named Tim, he forced me to change it to Tom. So now its Tom. Anyways all of the lines by Tom were recorded yesterday and he did fantastic! Monotone and creepy just the way I envisioned it. The sound quality is kinda muffled but it is the best we can do with our equipment. Anyways we took the whole night recording it and I am EXHAUSTED!!!

This next week ill be studying for exams in all my spare time so i won't be doing much more voice recording. However I higher priority right now would be to get work done on episode 1. I've started animating it and am about 5 seconds into it. So far so good.

Until next time.

Love ya NG! X-D

Now I'm goin to bed...

Puffshnoz Animation update. (The New Kid)

2009-05-10 17:36:06 by CheezLog

UPDATE: May 21, 2009:

Voice recording for episode 2 starts on Sunday and will continue through the next week. I'm so excited! Besides that I cleaned up the animation a bit and refined it and it should be finished soon. I have also started episode 1 animation and am about 20 seconds into it. I have the script and storyboard created for episodes 3 and 4 as well. All episodes will be roughly 5-7 minutes.

May 10, 2009:
I'm finally finished with the animation for Puffshnoz Episode 2. This is good because now I can go back and make a re-mastered version of the first episode. I'm also going to add jokes to the first that weren't originally in there. After I finish animation that (which won't be for a while) I'll go back and do the voice acting for both. I've gotten a few of my friends to possibly agree to do voices. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Episode 2 is called The New Kid and it is about a new kid called Tim, (the one smoking on the banner) coming to their school and harrasing Fred and Thomas. No matter what they try they can't solve their bully problem. Love ya newgrounds :-P


2009-04-30 23:10:08 by CheezLog

Hello world of Newgrounds. As you can see I just made my account a day ago. I still haven't posted any flashes but I am hard at work on the first three episodes of a series I am starting called "Puffshnoz".

Puffshnoz is about two brothers. Joe Puffshnoz is the dense and dull eighth grade brother with a big nose. Fred Puffshnoz is the younger seventh grade brother who has a deformed pickle shaped nose due to an accident explained in the first episode. Fred is very emotional because of it and struggles to fit in. The characters in the banner above are, from left to right: Joe, Fred, Thomas, Greg, and Tim.

I am currently almost 3/4 of the way through the animation of the 2nd episode. I have not even started the first though. As erratic as it seems there is actually a reason for this. I made the real first episode two years ago but the animation was sloppy and the file was lost when my computer crashed. So I have decided to go on to make the second and third episode with improved animation and will go back to the first afterwards.

BTW: I am not so naive as to think anyone is actually reading this.